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Rigifoam Rigifoam


RIGIFOAM, manufacturers of (discontinuous) Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate Block Foam. We offer a range of densities from 32kg/m3 to 80kg/m3. With the aid of computerised profile cutters material can be supplied in any 2-dimensional shape, from flat sheet to pipe insulation. RIGIFOAM were the first to introduce "OZONE FRIENDLY" foam in South Africa, with continuous innovations and product research, RIGIFOAM remains the market leader. RIGIFOAM have built their market share around excellent service and technically superior products. Let us tailor make a product to suit your requirements.

We have manufacturing facilities in Benoni, Port Elizabrth and Natal. We have 3 single width and 5 double width computerized cutting machines spread over our three branches. Our block production can produce 250m3 in a single shift.

PRODUCTS: Polyurethane, Polyisocyanurate, Polystyrene, Adhesives.