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Recognized in the industry as the leading manufacturer of high quality polyurethane products.

RIGIFOAM was established in 2000 with its head office located at 3 Detroit Street, Apex, Benoni. We are already recognized in the industry as the leading manufacturer of high quality polyurethane products. Our range of products include profiled polyurethane foam, 2 component urethane systems and LAMBDABOARD. The manufacturing process is composed of personnel with good skills.

In 2009 we received our ISO 9001 accreditation with international company DQS. Our ability to control the production process is good as evidenced by our reputation for quality products.

Because of our small size (compared to local based multi-national competitors), RIGIFOAM has capabilities to limit competition, especially for our new products, so we intend to compete on a cost leadership basis. Alternatively, our small size, good profitability and strong technical expertise allow us considerable freedom to act independently.

RIGIFOAM has a strong commitment to the marketplace and we are confident we have the ability to maintain growth in the polyurethane/insulation business, develop and market laminated products as a highly differentiated product.

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The 22nd Buildexpo Africa 2019 is the only show with the widest range of the latest technology in building material, mining machines, construction machinery and heavy equipment. At the 21st edition of Buildexpo, East Africa’s largest building and construction fair, Expogroup bring you exhibitors from over 40 countries who are the finest in infrastructure development.

When it comes to prestigious projects, you need to rely on products that can supersede all expectations. There is no room for errors; your product needs to fulfil an array of duties without the possibility of failure. Lambdaboard has been proudly included as the premium insulation material for numerous prestigious projects, one of these being the iconic Discovery Global Headquarters in Sandton Central.

“ARCHITECT” – A cool word used for everything from a clever IT-guy who’s apparently pivotal to some kind of software solution, to the inventor of something cool and sometimes not so cool. Yet, those who are actually practicing what we originally knew as architecture are increasingly under pressure to keep up the “Greek god-ish” facade of an architect such as Howard Roark, for those who have read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

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