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About Rigifoam

RIGIFOAM PTY (Ltd) was established on 2000 with Head Office located at 3 Detroit Street, Apex Ind, Benoni. We are already recognized in the industry as the leading manufacturer of high quality polyurethane products. Products include profiled polyurethane foam, 2 component urethane systems and LAMBDABOARD. The manufacturing process is composed of personnel with good skills. In 2009 we received our ISO 9001 accreditation with international company DQS. Our ability to control the production process is good as evidenced by our reputation for quality products. Because of our small size (compared to local based multinational competitors), RIGIFOAM has capabilities to limit competition, especially for our new products, so we intend to compete on a cost leadership basis. Alternatively, our small size, good profitability and strong technical expertise allow us considerable freedom to act independently. RIGIFOAM has a strong commitment to the marketplace and we are confident we have the ability to maintain growth in the polyurethane/insulation business, develop and market laminated products as a highly differentiated product.

RIGIFOAM was founded by Duncan Goldsmith, Bill Goldsmith and Michael Yacoby. Bruce Elliott joined mid 2001. RIGIFOAM was founded based on the industry need for high quality polyurethane products that would meet customer’s satisfaction when used in their products and applications. By implementing our technical strengths, RIGIFOAM has been able to satisfy that demand and has quickly gained the reputation of producing high quality products and service. RIGIFOAM has been profitable since it began and has gained a significant share (75%) of the discontinuous rigid foam market in the last 12 years. In 2001 our sister company RESICHEM was launched to offer 2 component polyurethane chemicals into the market, RESICHEM is a marketing house for RIGIFOAM with the same share holders. RIGIFOAM were the first to commercially offer environmentally friendly polyurethane in 2003 in block foam and in 2004 the first HFC chemical system. Today we are still the only foam company to be "green" and have now been successful in introducing ECOMATE blown systems into the market.

RIGIFOAM, introduced LAMBDABOARD into the Southern African building industry in September 2008. With the introduction of SANS 204 in the building code LAMBDABOARD is best suited to meet these demands as it offers the highest insulation properties of all commercially available insulation products.

The following industries are serviced by RIGIFOAM:

  • Building
  • Cold chain
  • Petro chemical plants
  • Breweries
  • Moulding and sculpture
  • HVAC
  • Tank containers

RIGIFOAM PTY (Ltd) is a LEVEL 6 contributor to B-BBEE

Level 6 is marked at 45 to 54.99 and procurement recognition at 60 percent.

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